So what do you want to talk about when you speak English?

This is a site for Parisians who work and live here and who can get by in English.

You have friends from abroad coming? Colleagues? 

Enough of all these English courses which¬† spend entire lessons in the restaurant and whole chapters at the railway station. Stop re-reading “I would like to buy a second class return ticket to Blackpool.” If you are sufficiently unfortunate as to have to go to Blackpool it is enough to say “Blackpool please. Second class return”. You won’t hear the natives going on about “I would like to buy…” so why should you?

I know I spend a lot of time just talking about Paris with visitors. They already know about the Eiffel Tower, about the Arc de Triomphe. It’s all in the guidebooks. What can you tell them about the city that they won’t find out in the books – at least not without a lot of research?

Well, here’s Merry Welcome, a rather special visitor to Paris, and Peter is showing her round.

You can practice your English by listening to the dialogues. Don’t hesitate to listen and repeat individual sentences. You can use the written text for guidance. If you find words you don’t understand, use the translation facilities on your toolbar (You don’t have one? Get it from Google or Yahoo)

This is a site for students of medium level. It tries to use some real conversational English. You too can use it: If you have got this far you are good enough to try:

Click on the link


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